About us

Since 1926, Waelkens NV has helped you create your identity!

Each consecutive year has brought us more experience. We gained the confidence of new and old clients and became aware of the expectations in the different markets.
Therefore Waelkens NV consistently strived to have the complete production process in their own hands. As a result, quality control can be ensured and the risk of reliance on suppliers can be minimised.

Production at Waelkens NV is therefore divided into 6 complementary, but different, knowledge centres:

•    Graphical department
•    Digital printing department
•    Screen-printing facility
•    Confection department
•    Metalworking department
•    Client Service/Stock department

Thanks to our firm base, we are the only company in the industry that could keep our equipment up to date with the latest technologies.  This results in a wide variety of printable textiles and an extensive range of printing options according to the textile:

•    Direct digital printing with high energetic disperse dyes
•    Direct digital printing with UV
•    Transfer printing with low energetic dyes
•    Screen Printing with flatbed large-format printers

We ensure that our products are made with the highest standards so they can be the perfect medium for your advertisements and contribute for the maximum to your visibility.
We want to improve our processes for you and because of you.