How to deliver print?


Lay-out can be made on 10% of the original size (and also delivered to us as such)

Do not forget to take into account seems and sleeves.
No text or image in the seem or sleef + place 2 cm (= original size, so in lay-out 2 mm) of seem or sleef.
In case of metallic incorporated rings minimum 6 cm (= original size) from the border.

- Minimum 4 pt on scale 1/10 + convert to letter contours
- Pay attention with Light-fonts - the line thickness of the letter may be minimum 0.2 pt (on 10%)

- Vector-files: Pantone Coated colors or CMYK
- Photos: RGB or CMYK

Lost space:
- 2 cm (= original size, so in lay-out 2 mm)

1. Images with only text and illustrations

Preferable: lay-out in a vectorized program (Adobe Illustrator, Coreldraw, Freehand).
Text: minimum 4 pt on scale 1/10 + convert to letter contours.
Color: preferable Pantone Coated colors or CMYK.
Save: preferable Illustrator'.ai (or Illustrator.eps) or PDF.

2. Photos

Lay-out in Photoshop or other program.
Resolution: minimum 300 dpi (preferable 600 dpi) on scale 1/10 of the original size.
Do NOT change text, images or logos in a Photoshop-document, this has to be done in a lay-out program as InDesign or Illustrator.
Save: as .tiff or .eps (preferable in CMYK).

3. Combination of text, illustrations and photos

Lay-out in InDesign or Illustrator (preferable do NOT use Photopaint, Paint, Powerpoint, Word, Excel, Publisher etc...).
Save/export: as PDF:
  - Version 1.6
  - Without compression
  - Marks and bleeds are allowed but not necessary
  - Output: no color conversion